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press release

Haroldo Mauro Jr. is a Brazilian born pianist with a lengthy career devoted to the performance of jazz and bossa-nova. Carrying his own native musical heritage, and with a solid bebop-oriented jazz background acquired during his two-decade stay in the US — where he came into close social contact with jazz musicians and shared the stand with renowned players in such rooms as the Blue Note, Village Gate and others in New York City — Mr. Mauro has developed a style of his own through the combined influences of American and Brazilian musicians such as Barry Harris, João Donato, Bill Evans and Raul de Souza.

short bio

Born in 1949, he started classical piano at the age of six and later became interested in bossa-nova, jazz and the drum set. While still very young in Rio de Janeiro, he worked steadily with leading artists of the late sixties: drummer Edison Machado, alto saxophonist Victor Assis Brasil and singer/composer Marcos Valle (Summer Samba). In 1972 he moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, where he met and jammed, both as pianist and drummer, with such musicians as Joe Lovano, Brian Torff, John Scofield, Billy Drews, Harvey S., Andy LaVerne and others, who also lived and studied in Boston. In 1976 he moved to New York City. Played in bars, theaters, parties, restaurants and jazz clubs working extensively with practically every Brazilian musician and singer in New York. Worked also with the Slide Hampton & Claudio Roditi Brazilian Explosion quintet. Worked as the regular pianist for several years with Thiago de Mello's Amazon Band, a large group that gathered a number of accomplished musicians throughout its existence. While at that job, Mr. Mauro met and played with Bobby Sanabria, Dennis Irwin, Dick Oats, Claudio Roditi, Romero Lubambo, Conrad Herwig and others. Still in New York he received his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in classical composition from Manhattan School of Music, studied aesthetics and education at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation and was a guest lecturer at Pace University. Mr. Mauro is currently full-time faculty at the University of Rio de Janeiro and leads his own trio. He travels regularly to the US and Europe to play and teach. In the US he has presented clinics and workshops at St. Petersburg College, University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and at Montclair State University, as part of the Jazz Connections program, where he performed in a teacher's concert with Andy McKee and Billy Hart. Played also with his trio at the Long Island Winterfest Jazz on the Vine of 2010, St. Petersburg College, Asolo Historic Theater, (Sarasota, FL) and other places in the US. Harold Mauro was twice in the recent years a guest professor at University of Örebro, Sweden, teaching Brazilian music, jazz piano and performing. His trio CD Bossa na Pressão (Steaming Bossa), released by Delira Música label of Rio de Janeiro, has been choosen one of the top ten jazz albums of 2006 by All About Jazz reviwer Dan McClenaghan.